Giovanni Garbini entrevistado por Jim West

Jim West entrevistou Giovanni Garbini, pesquisador italiano que escreveu obras importantes sobre o Antigo Oriente Médio e sobre as recentes questões que envolvem a História de Israel. Não perca, de modo algum, esta entrevista.

An Interview With Giovanni Garbini

Professor Giovanni Garbini of Rome has written extensively about the Ancient Near East and about the History of Israel. Born on the 8th of October, 1931, Professor Garbini has published over 50 books, essays, and studies and his most recent work, Introduzione all’epigrafia semitica, offers the student of epigraphy a very fine overview of the subject in relation to the Near East. What follows is an interview with Professor Garbini which he was kind enough to grant me. I leave unaltered both the questions I asked him and his responses. For those who do not read Italian, an English translation of the interview will be posted in the very near future (cont.) [Obs.: blog apagado: 22.03.2008]