A Bíblia Semântica

A Bíblia Semântica é composta por uma série de experimentos de novas tecnologias de computação aplicadas ao estudo da Bíblia. Compreende: uma Hiper-Concordância do Novo Testamento, um Índice Compósito do Evangelho, uma Base de Dados semântica de Nomes do Novo Testamento é um Blog. Site de Sean Boisen, Mestre em Linguística que trabalha com aplicações avançadas de linguagem e tecnologias de fala por computador.

New Testament Hyper-Concordance

The basic idea is to navigate the space of Scripture directly using words. Taking this idea one step further, given the text of the verse, you can just embed a hyperlink from the word in question to other verses, preserving the context. Now here’s where the idea takes off: instead of just hyperlinking one word, suppose every word is hyperlinked? This more tightly connects the information and gets you directly from the context of one verse to another with similar content (because of similar words). With some special processing to index the words, every word can link to a list of verses, each word of which is in turn hyperlinked to others, each word of which …

The Composite Gospel Index

The Composite Gospel Index (CGI) combines the four Gospel accounts of the life of Jesus into a single unified view. Instead of the traditional book/chapter/verse organization, it divides the texts into about 350 pericopes, each of which describe an event, a teaching, a parable, an interaction, or some other cohesive piece of text.

New Testament Names: a Semantic Knowledge Base

New Testament Names is a semantic knowledge base describing each named thing in the New Testament, about 600 names in all. Each named thing (an entity) is categorized according to its class, including God, Jesus, individual men and women, groups of people, and locations. These entities are related to each other by properties that interconnect the entities into a web of information, all represented in a standardized language with formal semantics, and shared on the Web with URI’s for others to use and extend. You can download it.


A blog about God’s Word, our words meaning, communication, & technology, following Jesus, the Word made flesh.

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