Traduttore, traditore?

Tradurre in generale è un lavoraccio…

Veja este exemplo de uma nova tradução da Bíblia em alemão, noticiado por Die Tageszeitung. O que você pensa disto?

Recomendo a leitura do artigo de José Luiz GONZAGA DO PRADO, Traduzir: interpretar ou re-criar? Estudos Bíblicos, Petrópolis, n. 32, 1991, p. 89-92. José Luiz discute alguns problemas corriqueiros das traduções bíblicas, mas que nos afetam diariamente, como: o erudito e o popular; linguagem técnica x linguagem literária; ‘linguagem bíblica’ e mudança cultural; até onde recriar?

Proveitosa será também a leitura das recensões de Ney Brasil PEREIRA, onde são avaliadas duas traduções da Bíblia muito usadas nos meios católicos brasileiros: Bíblia de Jerusalém. Nova edição, revista e ampliada. São Paulo: Paulus, 2002. In: Estudos Bíblicos, Petrópolis, n. 76, 2002, p. 79-81; Bíblia Sagrada. 2. ed. Tradução da CNBB, com introduções e notas. São Paulo/Petrópolis/Aparecida: Ave Maria / Vozes / Salesiana / Paulus / Santuário / Paulinas / Loyola, 2002. In: Estudos Bíblicos, Petrópolis, n. 77, 2003, p. 67-75.

Excelente livro sobre os problemas de tradução da Bíblia: the theory, history, and practice of Bible translation in a collection of 21 essays by leading scholars and practitioners…

Leia: SCORGIE, G. G.; STRAUSS, M. L.; VOTH, S. M. (eds.), The Challenge of Bible Translation. Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 2003, 432 p.


Justiça manda apreender livro anti-semita em São Paulo

Por ordem da Justiça, 1.680 exemplares do livro “Os Protocolos dos Sábios do Sião” foram apreendidos na segunda-feira (17) na sede da editora Centauro, na zona norte de São Paulo. O livro é considerado ofensivo pela comunidade judaica por relatar um suposto plano de dominação do mundo feito por judeus (…) “Os Protocolos dos Sábios do Sião” foi publicado pela primeira vez no início do século 20, na Rússia czarista. O livro – que é apócrifo – descreve um suposto plano judeu de dominação do mundo. Segundo a enciclopédia livre Wikipedia, o texto é considerado fraudulento por vários historiadores da Europa e dos Estados Unidos. De acordo com o site, há evidências de que ele tenha sido produzido por autoridades russas. Leia Mais.

The Protocols of the (Learned) Elders of Zion (Russian: “Протоколы Сионских мудрецов” or “Сионские Протоколы”) is a text frequently quoted and reprinted by anti-Semites, purporting to describe a plan to achieve Jewish global domination. It has been repeatedly exposed as a hoax by numerous independent investigations during the last hundred years. The Encyclopædia Britannica describes the Protocols as a “fraudulent document that served as a pretext and rationale for anti-Semitism in the early 20th century”. Mainstream historians in the United States of America and Europe have long agreed that the text is fraudulent; this has also been stated in a number of court cases worldwide, e.g., as early as the 1930s in Bern, Switzerland. In 1993, a district court in Moscow, Russia, formally ruled that the Protocols were faked in dismissing a libel suit by the ultra-nationalist Pamyat organization, which had been criticized for using them in their anti-Semitic publications (…) It was first published abridged in series from August 28 to September 7 (O.S.), 1903 in St. Petersburg daily newspaper Знамя (Znamya, The Banner) by Pavel Krushevan who four months earlier initiated the Kishinev pogrom. There is evidence that the text was written by an operative of the Imperial Russian Okhranka Matvei Golovinski and was based on an early work by Maurice Joly linking Napoleon III to Machiavelli. For Tsar Nicholas II, who was fearful of modernization and protective of his monarchy, it would have been convenient to present the growing revolutionary movement as part of a powerful world conspiracy and blame the Jews for Russia’s problems. Leia Mais.

It is now 100 years since the emergence of the infamous forgery, “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion,” the document which generated massive anti-Semitism all over the world. The story of the Protocols is well known. Developed by the Tsar’s secret police in 1905, it claimed to be the real discussions of the Jewish leaders’ conspiracy to rule the world. It is a classic in paranoid, racist literature. Taken by the gullible as the confidential minutes of a Jewish conclave convened in the last years of the 19th century, it has been heralded by anti-Semites as proof that Jews are plotting to take over the world. The document had a life of its own after World War I. It spread through Russia during the turmoil of the Communist revolution and its aftermath, playing a role in the murder of tens of thousands of Jews. It was picked up by auto magnate Henry Ford in the United States. “The Dearborn Independent,” owned by Ford, published an American version of the Protocols between May and September of 1920 in a series called “The International Jew: the World’s Foremost Problem.” The articles were later republished in book form with half a million copies in circulation. This helped to spread pernicious anti-Semitism in this country in the 1920s. Adolf Hitler cited the document as proof…