Resenhas no JHS em 2011 – até 21 de março

Resenhas publicadas em 2011 – até hoje, 21/03/2011 – por The Journal of Hebrew Scriptures, revista canadense de Bíblia, da Universidade de Alberta.

FLEMING, D. E.; MILSTEIN, S. J. The Buried Foundation of the Gilgamesh Epic: The Akkadian Huwawa Narrative, 2010
Reviewed by Scott C. Jones

WEBSTER, B. L. The Cambridge Introduction to Biblical Hebrew with CD-ROM, 2009
Reviewed by H. Daniel Zacharias

TUCKETT, C. (ed.) Feasts and Festivals, 2009
Reviewed by Peter Altmann

HAGEDORN, A. C.; PFEIFFER, H. (eds.) Die Erzväter in der biblischen Tradition: Festschrift für Matthias Köckert, 2009
Reviewed by Christophe Nihan

PETTERSON, A. R. Behold Your King: The Hope for the House of David in the Book of Zechariah, 2009
Reviewed by Anna Suk Yee Lee

JONES, S. C. Rumors of Wisdom: Job 28 as Poetry, 2009
Reviewed by August H. Konkel

CRANE, A. S. Israel’s Restoration: A Textual-Comparative Exploration of Ezekiel 36–39, 2008
Reviewed by Iain M. Duguid

COTROZZI, S. Expect the Unexpected: Aspects of Pragmatic Foregrounding in Old Testament Narratives, 2010
Reviewed by Krzysztof J. Baranowski

MOBERLY, R. W. L. The Theology of the Book of Genesis, 2009
Reviewed by Tim Stone Greenport

TEBES, J. M. Centro y Periferia en el mundo antiguo: El Negev y sus interacciones con Egipto, Asiria, y el Levante en la Edad del Hierro (1200-586 a.C.), 2008 [disponível online] Reviewed by Romina Della Casa

GREEN, D. A.; LIEBER, S. L. (eds.) Scriptural Exegesis: The Shapes of Culture and the Religious Imagination. Essays in Honour of Michael Fishbane, 2009
Reviewed by William A. Tooman

HADJIEV,T. S. The Composition and Redaction of the Book of Amos, 2009
Reviewed by Matthieu Richelle

WESTBROOK, R.; WELLS, B. Everyday Law in Biblical Israel: An Introduction, 2009
Reviewed by Victor H. Matthews

HORSLEY, R. A. (ed.) In the Shadow of Empire: Reclaiming the Bible as a History of Faithful Resistance, 2008
Reviewed by Jonathan Bernier

BERNAT, D. A. Sign of the Covenant: Circumcision in the Priestly Tradition, 2009
Reviewed by Trent C. Butler

KLAUCK, H.-J.; MCGINN, B.; SEOW, C.-L.; SPIECKERMANN, H.; WALFISH, B. D.; ZIOLKOWSKI, E. J. (eds.) Encyclopedia of the Bible and Its Reception: Aaron–Aniconism, 2009
Reviewed by Stephen Westerholm

GRABBE, L. L. (ed.) Israel in Transition: From Late Bronze II to Iron IIa (c. 1250-850 B.C.E.) Volume 1. The Archaeology, 2008
Reviewed by Trent C. Butler

NAKHAI, B. A. (ed.) The World of Women in the Ancient and Classical Near East, 2008
Reviewed by Elaine T. James

ANDERSON, G. A. Sin: A History, 2009
Reviewed by Micah D. Kiel