Precisando de literatura grega antiga?

Pois no Tyndale Tech, de David Instone-Brewer – Tyndale House, Cambridge, Reino Unido – leio o post Searching Ancient Greek Literature:

The bread and butter of New Testament studies is finding out how a word is used elsewhere. Usually this means looking it up in a good lexicon, but a real scholar does a word search. This has recently got a whole lot easier. TLG and Perseus are still the best sources, but now there are new ways to use them, including instant lexical help which isn’t restricted to the speed of the web. Whether you want to do word searches throughout all Greek literature, or you just want to quickly look up a Greek word now and then, read on. I also want your help adding to the ultimate list of 5000 early Greek texts and translations.

A lista de recursos, explicados detalhadamente, é a seguinte:

  • TLG – ‘All’ of Greek literature, in Greek
  • Perseus – the earliest Greek literature, with English
  • Electronic lexicons for Greek – quicker and better than paper
  • Diogenese – the key to reading untranslated Greek
  • Fonts – the easiest Unicode for Mac & PC
  • Finding translations on the web

Visite o blog Tyndale Tech e examine você mesmo os valiosos recursos para o estudo do grego.

Leia mais sobre línguas antigas aqui.

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