Best Blogs about Biblical Studies

Vi em Better Bibles Blog, assinado por Peter Kirk, o post UnSpun Best English Bible Translation. E criei o começo do que pode ser uma lista dos melhores biblioblogs com o nome de

Best Blogs about Biblical Studies

A lista pode ser acessada através do link acima ou em Biblioblogs [Obs.: lista desativada em 2008 pela]. Evitei o nome “biblioblogs” – com certo desgosto, pois o uso e acho apropriado – porque pode ser confundido com os blogs sobre bibliotecas e biblioteconomia. Veja mais sobre o UnSpun by na página principal, na FAQ e no Better Bibles Blog.

E observe o comentário de Peter Kirk sobre as mudanças (arbitrárias demais, segundo ele) feitas àquela enquete: “Of course the fact that anyone can make such changes (despite what is claimed in the FAQ) shows that this is not a very good polling mechanism”.

Bom, vamos ver se neste aqui há seriedade. Coloquei só o começo do que penso ser os melhores biblioblogs. Deixo aos colegas biblioblogueiros a tarefa de aumentar a lista e, é claro, votar.

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  1. Won’t UnSpun rankings be subject to vote spam?
    UnSpun provides a number of mechanisms to eliminate bad votes. The first is that people must first log in with a valid Amazon account before they can vote, submit new items, or create new lists. Each user can only vote one time per item so one user is not able to “stuff the ballot box” with votes. Additionally, merges of duplicate items and deletions of inappropriate items (items that don’t belong in that particular list) are corroborated by a combination of the community and an editorial team. The combination of these features will help us to maintain the integrity of the rankings.

    How do you ensure the quality of the rankings?
    UnSpun requires users to log in before they are able to add rankings to the lists. If we find any users that have been abusing the site, we can roll back any changes or additions that user has made to the site. Because you have to have an Amazon account to contribute to UnSpun, we can be sure that the rankings are not done by automated bots and can limit the spam added to the site. Additionally, every list page contains edit links that encourage the UnSpun community to merge duplicates, edit misspellings, identify misplaced items, and tag offensive content. In this way, inappropriate entries can be quickly eliminated.

    >> This is a list about Biblical Studies Weblogs, a.k.a. Biblioblogs… inappropriate entries can be eliminated!

    Please, read the FAQ

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