Jesus and Archaeology, obra recentemente publicada, merece atenção

Dezenas de arqueólogos e biblistas reunidos em Jerusalém se perguntam: Como as novas descobertas arqueológicas podem contribuir para explicar o mundo, a vida e o pensamento de Jesus de Nazaré?

Desta discussão nasceu o livro Jesus e a Arqueologia, organizado por James H. Charlesworth, e publicado pela editora Eerdmans, que parece digno de atenção. Embora eu ainda não conheça a obra, os autores são respeitados especialistas na área.

CHARLESWORTH, James H. (ed.) Jesus and Archaeology. Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2006, 739 p.

Diz a sinopse da editora:

Archaeology still has many things to reveal about the life and world of Jesus of Nazareth. To touch a two-thousand-year-old pot held by a Jew who lived in a small village frequented by Jesus can bring us closer to understanding those who were touched by Jesus. Jesus and Archaeology contains the revised and edited lectures that leading archaeologists and biblical scholars presented at a gathering in Jerusalem to celebrate the new millennium. Many contributors came directly from their excavations in places like Bethsaida, Capernaum, Nazareth, and Jerusalem to share their discoveries and insights, focusing on the question In what ways do new archaeological discoveries clarify the world, life, and thought of Jesus from Nazareth? Readers of Jesus and Archaeology will gain many new insights into the life and times of this fascinating Galilean Jew.

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PrefaceJames H. Charlesworth
Introduction: What Is Biblical Archaeology? – Avraham Biran
Studies in Archaeology

Jesus Research and Archaeology: A New Perspective – James H. CharlesworthArchaeology and the Historical Jesus – Sean FreyneRecovering Jesus’ Mamzerut – Bruce ChiltonDid Antipas Build the Sepphoris Theater? – Richard A. BateyKhirbet Qana (and Other Villages) as a Context for Jesus – Peter RichardsonBethsaida – Rami AravMount Tabor – Frédéric MannsJesus the Exorcist in Light of Epigraphic Sources – Esther EshelReflections on Jesus’ Eschatology in Light of Qumran – Henry W. M. RietzDid Jesus Attend the Synagogue? – James D. G. DunnSynagogues and Spirituality: The Case of Beth Alfa – Benedict Thomas VivianoThe Theodotos Synagogue Inscription and the Problem of First-Century Synagogue Buildings – John S. KloppenborgJesus and the Theater in Jerusalem – Achim LichtenbergerJesus and the Herodian Temple Mount – Dan BahatMount Zion, Jesus, and Archaeology – Bargil PixnerExcavating Caiaphas, Pilate, and Simon of Cyrene: Assessing the Literary and Archaeological Evidence – Craig A. Evans“Stone House,” Birah, and Antonia during the Time of Jesus – Daniel R. SchwartzMiracles, Maleficium, and Maiestas in the Trial of Jesus – John W. WelchRamat Hanadiv and Ein Gedi: Property versus Poverty in Judea before 70 – Yizhar HirschfeldBetween Jerusalem and the Galilee: Samaria in the Time of Jesus – Jürgen ZangenbergThe Sanctuaries of the Baptism on the East Bank of the Jordan River – Michele PiccirilloThe Cemeteries of Qumran and Celibacy: Confusion Laid to Rest? – Joseph E. ZiasEssene Community Houses and Jesus’ Early Community – Brian J. CapperJudas and Jesus: A Message on a Drinking Vessel of the Second Temple Period – William Klassen

Archaeology and Theology

Archaeology and John’s Gospel – Urban C. von Wahlde

Aspects of Historicity in the Gospel of John: Implications for Investigations of Jesus and Archaeology – Paul N. Anderson

Bultmann, Archaeology, and the Historical Jesus – John Painter

Jesus and Resurrection Faith in Light of Jewish Texts – Emile Puech

Archaeology and Early Christology – John Reumann

The Christian Apocrypha and Archaeology – J. K. Elliott

Conclusion: The Historical Jesus and Biblical Archaeology: Reflections on New Methodologies and Perspectives – James H. Charlesworth

GlossaryJacob Cherian

Selected BibliographyJonathan E. Soyars

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