O que foi debatido no Seminário Europeu sobre Metodologia Histórica em 2006?

Kevin A. Wilson participou do encontro anual da EABS – European Association of Biblical Studies – que aconteceu neste ano de 2006 em Budapeste, na Hungria, entre os dias 6 e 9 de agosto. Em seu biblioblog Blue Cord ele relata alguns pontos do Encontro, entre eles as discussões do grupo que forma o European Seminar on Historical Methodology. O Seminário vem acontecendo, de uns anos para cá dentro dos encontros da EABS, como relato no item 2 de um artigo sobre o tema, que pode ser visto aqui.

Ele relata:

The seminar was started by Phillip Davies, and it includes Rainer Albertz, Thomas Thompson, and Niels Peter Lemche (although the latter two were not able to attend this year). It is somewhat unfair to refer to this as a minimalist-only camp, however, as it also includes Marc Zvi Brettler and Joseph Blenkinsopp. Papers for the seminar were circulated in advance, so most of the time was spent in discussion.

Algumas indicações presentes em seu relato:

The first paper was by Blenkinsopp. It was on the Midianite hypothesis for the origins of Yahwism. The difference with his paper, however, was that he proposed that Yahwism came in through Judah, whereas most see it as coming in through Israel(…) The second paper was by Brettler, who argues that the stories of David not killing Saul when he had the chance have little historical basis (…) The third paper was by Davies, who argued that even if the Tel Dan inscription does refer to the house of David, it doesn’t tell us anything of importance (…) The final paper was given by Lester Grabbe on historical information about David and Solomon (…) Since my book [The Campaign of Pharaoh Shoshenq I into Palestine. Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck, 2005] is the latest work on Shoshenq, they wanted me to talk for a few minutes about my research.

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