Novo livro de Keith Whitelam: Rhythms of Time

Palestine is a land built on bones, where the dead are passed into the living.

WHITELAM, K. W. Rhythms of Time: Reconnecting Palestine’s Past– ISBN 9780957540613.

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The history of Palestine has been forged in the shadow of empire: the Egyptian, Assyrian and Babylonian from the ancient past to the Ottoman, British and American of the modern world. The so-called great men, monarchies, and imperial powers have followed on from one another in the region, attracting most attention like the froth of the waves breaking on the shoreline. Yet underlying this surface movement, as Braudel termed it, was a substratum that moved slowly to the rhythms of time absorbing and dissipating the effect of the waves. It is this story, an essential part of Palestine’s past, that was ignored by western visitors and scholars in favour of the events and characters described in the Bible. So these centuries that are associated with the biblical stories have become Israel’s past and have been denied to Palestine and the Palestinians (trecho do capítulo 2).

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Keith W. Whitelam é professor emérito de Estudos Bíblicos na Universidade de Sheffield, Reino Unido.