Resenhas na RBL: 23.05.2008

As seguintes resenhas foram recentemente publicadas pela Review of Biblical Literature:

François Bovon
Luke the Theologian: Fifty-Five Years of Research (1950-2005)
Reviewed by Eric Noffke

Dan W. Clanton
The Good, the Bold, and the Beautiful: The Story of Susanna and Its Renaissance Interpretations
Reviewed by Robert Doran

John J. Collins
A Short Introduction to the Hebrew Bible
Reviewed by Robin Gallaher Branch

Beverly Roberts Gaventa
Our Mother Saint Paul
Reviewed by Angela Standhartinger

Daniel M. Gurtner
The Torn Veil: Matthew’s Exposition of the Death of Jesus
Reviewed by Tony Costa

Doug Ingram
Ambiguity in Ecclesiastes
Reviewed by Martin A. Shields

Othmar Keel
Die Geschichte Jerusalems und die Entstehung des Monotheismus
Reviewed by Ernst Axel Knauf

Martin O’Kane
Painting the Text: The Artist as Biblical Interpreter
Reviewed by Dan W. Clanton Jr.

John Piper
The Future of Justification: A Response to N. T. Wright
Reviewed by Don Garlington

Lance Byron Richey
Roman Imperial Ideology and the Gospel of John
Reviewed by Warren Carter

Diane M. Sharon and Kathryn F. Kravitz, eds.
Bringing the Hidden to Light: The Process of Interpretation: Studies in Honor of Stephen A. Geller
Reviewed by Adele Berlin

Christopher J. H. Wright
The Mission of God: Unlocking the Bible’s Grand Narrative
Reviewed by Christopher N. Chandler

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