Resenhas na RBL – 07.11.2007

As seguintes resenhas foram recentemente publicadas pela Review of Biblical Literature:

David E. Aune
Apocalypticism, Prophecy and Magic in Early Christianity: Collected Essays
Reviewed by Lorenzo DiTommaso

Samuel E. Balentine
Reviewed by Willem A. M. Beuken

M. Daniel Carroll R. and Jacqueline E. Lapsley, eds.
Character Ethics and the Old Testament: Moral Dimensions of Scripture
Reviewed by Eckart Otto

Byron G. Curtis
Up the Steep and Stony Road: The Book of Zechariah in Social Location Trajectory Analysis
Reviewed by Ehud Ben Zvi

James D. G. Dunn
The Partings of the Ways: Between Christianity and Judaism and Their Significance for the Character of Christianity
Reviewed by Peter Carrell

Rolf Furuli
A New Understanding of the Verbal System of Classical Hebrew: An Attempt to Distinguish Between Semantic and Pragmatic Factors
Reviewed by John Kaltner

Hans-Josef Klauck
Ancient Letters and the New Testament: A Guide to Context and Exegesis
Reviewed by Pieter J. J. Botha

Derek Krueger, ed.
Byzantine Christianity
Reviewed by Peter-Ben Smit

Mareike Rake
“Juda wird aufsteigen!”: Untersuchungen zum ersten Kapitel des Richterbuches
Reviewed by Christoph Levin

Hershel Shanks, ed.
Where Christianity Was Born: A Collection from the Biblical Archaeology Society
Reviewed by Jonathan Reed

Cynthia Long Westfall
A Discourse Analysis of the Letter to the Hebrews: The Relationship between Form and Meaning
Reviewed by Gabriella Gelardini

Alexa F. Wilke
Kronerben der Weisheit: Gott, König und Frommer in der didaktischen Literatur Ägyptens und Israels
Reviewed by Stefan Fischer

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