Tumba de Herodes em territorio palestino ocupado

Um interessante texto publicado pelo jornal israelense Haaretz sobre as implicações políticas desta descoberta arqueológica feita em território palestino ocupado por Israel. Assinado por Benny Ziffer.

In the enlightened world it’s called robbery

Um trecho:
…one important detail was forgotten, or almost forgotten: that the excavation of this tomb of Herod was carried out in occupied territory, where Israel has no moral right to dig and certainly not to remove archaeological artifacts. In the enlightened world, what Israel is doing is called robbery. According to Israeli law, of course, the robbery is organized and supported by state officials bearing the title of junior staff officer for archaeology. Below them or alongside them in the hierarchy there are others, such as director of the Gush Etzion Field School. All these idealists expressed their happiness that day, in front of the television cameras, at the exciting discovery at Herodium, because it is another nail in the hold of the eternal Jewish people on its eternal land on the 40th anniversary of the liberation of the land, etc. etc.

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