Recursos para o estudo do hebraico bíblico

Se você precisa saber o que existe de recursos para o estudo do Hebraico Bíblico, especialmente em inglês, vale a pena consultar Biblical Hebrew Resources da página Codex de Tyler F. Williams. Ele diz:

Having taught Biblical Hebrew in both university and seminary contexts for over a decade, I have developed a number of resources for my students. I have included many of them here to encourage anyone interested in learning (and mastering) Classical Hebrew — the original language of the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible.

If you have not taken any Biblical Hebrew yet, and want some guidance in terms of Hebrew textbooks, then you will want to look at my Learning Biblical Hebrew Page where I survey available introductory Hebrew grammars.

For students with one year of introductory Hebrew under their belt, I have put together a set of pages for Mastering Biblical Hebrew. These pages highlight a number of resources that may help you gain further proficiency in Classical Hebrew. I have also put together a page on Hebrew Terminology that will help cut through some of the confusion that besets students once they move beyond their introductory grammars.

In addition, I have included some useful Charts & Handouts, a discussion of Hebrew Software, and some useful Internet links on a General Hebrew Resources page. (For those wanting some information on Hebrew fonts, see my Biblical Fonts page)

Finally, those students (or instructors) using Bonnie Kittel‘s Biblical Hebrew: A Text and Workbook for introductory Hebrew may find some of the resources I have developed specifically for this grammar, including a flashcard database. These are found on my Resources for Kittel page.

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