Casey x Thompson: o filho do carpinteiro

Enquanto em Londres, na arena olímpica, atletas do mundo todo mostram suas habilidades, na arena acadêmica acontece uma animada discussão em torno de um livro:

THOMPSON, T. L.; VERENNA, T. S. (eds.) ‘Is this not the Carpenter?’: The Question of the Historicity of the Figure of Jesus. London: Equinox Publishing, 2012, 224 p. – ISBN 9781845539863.

.  O polêmico filho do carpinteiro (Lester L. Grabbe x Richard Carrier)
. Thomas Thompson: não é este o filho do carpinteiro? (Thompson x Ehrman)

E, agora, Maurice Casey x Thomas L. Thompson, em:
Is Not This an Incompetent New Testament Scholar? A Response to Thomas L. Thompson

Um trecho:

In a recent article in this journal, Thomas Thompson wrote what he described as ‘A Response to Bart Ehrman,’ though the connection is not always obvious. The purpose of this response is not generally to defend Ehrman, but to point out that Thompson is completely wrong from beginning to end. Ehrman got one main point right, and it should be at the centre of the discussion [sublinhado meu]. He commented, ‘Thompson is trained in biblical studies, but he does not have degrees in New Testament or early Christianity. He is, instead, a Hebrew Bible scholar….’ Thompson’s lack of expertise regarding New Testament Studies and Early Christianity is palpable throughout his essay.

Tudo publicado na revista online The Bible and Interpretation.

:: Quem é Thomas L. Thompson?

:: Quem é Maurice Casey?

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