Tim Bulkeley: estudos bíblicos, uma disciplina dividida

O debate entre Lemche e Avalos sobre a relevância ou não dos estudos bíblicos na atualidade, mencionado aqui no blog, continua.

Agora, com a contribuição de Tim Bulkeley, na mesma The Bible and Interpretation, em novembro, com o ensaio:

The End of Scripture and/or Biblical Studies

Seu parágrafo final diz:

What is needed is a frank recognition that there are two (related but different) disciplines studying the biblical texts. Then their practitioners need to identify more clearly what they do similarly and what they do differently. In such an environment, discussion of whether any, all, or no religious study of Scripture is scholarly might be possible without a slinging match. But that, of course, is not the world we live in, so we will no doubt continue to read abusive missives aimed from one set of trenches to another in the religious, as in the historical, wars.

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