Download de livros de Bíblia no Projeto ICI da SBL

Se você lê inglês e vive em um destes países, poderá fazer o download gratuito de vários livros interessantes sobre Bíblia, em formato PDF, clicando aqui.

Veja a lista de livros disponíveis para download gratuito.

Você pode também fazer o download gratuito do importante e valioso JBL – Journal of Biblical Literature. Clique aqui.

Diz a SBL:
Welcome to the International Cooperation Initiative (ICI) Online Books page. This ICI project provides free online PDF files to scholars and students who would not otherwise have access to these resources. In addition to books published by SBL, resources from our partners Brown Judaic Studies, Catholic Biblical Association, and Sheffield Phoenix Press are also accessible. SBL invites other academic publishers to join this expanding list. Persons who are identified through our technology as being from a country with a GDP per capita substantially lower than the average GDP per capita of the USA and the European Union will be able to see links below to the publishers and the PDF publications.