Arqueologia em zonas de conflito: conferência no Instituto de Arqueologia do University College London

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A Conferência de três dias de duração vai tratar dos problemas arqueológicos nas regiões em guerra no Oriente Médio, focalizando especialmente a Palestina, o Iraque, o Líbano e o Afeganistão.

Archaeology in Conflict Conference
Cultural Heritage, Site Management and Sustainable Development in Conflict and Post-Conflict States in the Middle East

Location: Institute of Archaeology, University College London
Date: Friday 10th, Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th November 2006
Organizing body: The Centre for Applied Archaeology (CAA), supported by the British Academy.

This three day conference will explore the ethics and practicalities of archaeological site management in conflict and post-conflict states, focusing on the impact of conservation and archaeology on local communities in Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq and Lebanon.

Thematic sessions include:

  • Palestinian Heritage: Archival Memory and Identity Work
  • Conflict Management and Reconstruction – case studies from Lebanon
  • Archaeology and Conflict in Iraq – present problems and future prospects
  • Conservation and Sustainable Use of Resources – Case studies from Afghanistan
  • Conflicting Values, Government and Legitimacy

The conference brings together archaeologists, heritage managers, developing agencies, funding bodies, philosophers, social theorists, conflict resolution specialists, economists, NGO’s, GO’s and supranational bodies. Special focus will be given to academic scholars, experts and government representatives from Afghanistan, Palestine, Lebanon and Iraq.

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