A lista de biblioblogs foi atualizada

Atualizado em

A lista de biblioblogs de The Biblioblog Top 50 foi atualizada agora em janeiro. Confira Complete List of Biblioblogs. É a lista mais completa que conheço.

Observo que há outros itens interessantes neste blog, como as quarenta e poucas entrevistas com os biblioblogueiros, de 2005 a 2009, e a Biblical Studies Carnival List de 2005 até hoje.

Diz o post de 6 de janeiro de 2016:

The Complete List of Biblioblogs has just been updated! So now is a good opportunity to check out any biblical studies blogs which you haven’t seen before (January 6, 2016).

Sobre a lista:

This is a list of currently active biblioblogs (Biblical Studies Blogs).

“Biblioblogs” are blogs which deal primarily with matters concerning academic biblical studies. While this is the most useful, most up-to-date and best list of biblical studies blogs available, it is not “official” or “authoritative”, and we can only aim to be complete. If you know of any blog which should be added to this list, please contact biblioblogtop50 [at] yahoo.com.

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