Mudanças em Meguido

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Changes in the Megiddo Expedition’s Directorship

About a month ago our friend Eric Cline, co-director of the Expedition, wrote to me to announce his wish to retire from the Megiddo operation. Eric is busy with many duties as co-director at Kabri, now editor of BASOR, teacher, researcher, author and above all, family man, and all this has become a bit too much for him. I answered my friend Eric with warm words – to thank him for his over 20 years contribution to the success of the Megiddo Expedition and for his friendship.

As a result of Eric’s decision, we had to take decisions regarding the future management of the Expedition. Margaret, Sivan, Matt, Mario and I met today and decided as follows:
1. Starting in the season of 2016 (well, effectively as of today), the Expedition is directed by Israel Finkelstein, Matthew Adams and Mario Martin.
2. This means that Matt takes over the management of the Megiddo consortium.

For me personally it is with great satisfaction that I see two of my Megiddo students (one of them joined at the age of 18!) become co-directors.

Again, I am sure that I am speaking on behalf of all of us to thank Eric for his many years with us and wish him the best in the coming years; as I told him earlier today, he will remain a prominent member of the House of Lords of Megiddo/Armageddon…

Israel Finkelstein

Fonte: The Meggiddo Expedition – Posted Aug 10, 2015, 12:32 AM by Assaf Kleiman

Israel Finkelstein é muito citado em minha página, mas Eric Cline também vale a pena ser lido. Confira aqui.

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