Sobre a leitura bíblica pós-colonial

PUNT, J. Postcolonial biblical interpretation: Reframing Paul. Leiden: Brill, 2015, 275 p. – ISBN 9789004288454.

Publicação prevista para fevereiro de 2015.

Diz a editora:
In Postcolonial biblical interpretation Jeremy Punt reflects on the nature and value of the postcolonial hermeneutical approach, as it relates to the interpretation of biblical and in particular, Pauline texts. Showing when a socio-politically engaged reading becomes postcolonial, but also what in the term postcolonial both attracts and also creates distance, exegesis from a postcolonial perspective is profiled. The book indicates possible avenues in how postcolonial work can be helpful theoretically to the guild of biblical scholars and to show also how it can be practiced in exegetical work done on biblical texts.

Jeremy Punt is Professor of New Testament in the Theology Faculty at Stellenbosch University, South Africa. His work focuses on the hermeneutics, past and present, and, critical theory in New Testament interpretation, and of the Pauline letters in particular.

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