Dicionário Histórico da Língua Hebraica

Israeli scholars set out to compile the ultimate Hebrew dictionary

“The digitization of old texts has become fairly common – for instance, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem recently announced it was expanding the digital version of its Einstein archives – but, in something of a switch for the Internet era, the Historical Dictionary of the Hebrew Language is aiming for greater comprehensiveness than researchers say computers can yield (…) Though this massive historical dictionary could take another generation to complete, it will become accessible to the general public online within a few months if the language academy receives the necessary funding. Until now the database has been open only to researchers and subscribers. Every text entered into the databank is read by six different people before the entry is finalized. First the text is read and entered into the computer, then linguists analyze the text by examining the meaning of each word, the lexicographic root and the structure. Finally, the dictionary entries are written. The result is a kind of super-concordance of the Hebrew language”.

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Fonte: Haaretz: 10/04/2012

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