Os Manuscritos do Mar Morto e a história de sua descoberta

Segundo a editora, Os Manuscritos do Mar Morto: Uma História Completa, Volume I, é o primeiro de dois volumes que oferece a mais completa descrição da descoberta dos manuscritos e de sua história nos últimos 60 anos.

FIELDS, W. W. The Dead Sea Scrolls: A Full History. Volume I. Leiden: Brill, 2009, 608 p. – ISBN 9789004175815

Who discovered the Dead Sea Scrolls? When and where were they discovered? How were they saved? Who bought them and who paid for them? Who has them now and who owns them? Will more be discovered? Have all the scrolls been published? Are some still hidden away? Were there conspiracies to suppress some scrolls? Preceded by The Dead Sea Scrolls: A Short History, 2006 [resenha na RBL por Eric F. Mason, 28/03/2009], The Dead Sea Scrolls, A Full History, vol. 1, is the first of a projected two volumes offering a more complete account of the discovery of the scrolls and their history over the past 60 years since the first scrolls were discovered in a cave near the Dead Sea. Weston W. Fields, Th.D., Ph.D., has been Executive Directory of the Dead Sea Scrolls Foundation in Jerusalem since 1991.

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