Grabbe: História dos judeus e do judaísmo, vol. II

Vem aí o segundo volume da História dos Judeus e do Judaísmo de Lester L. Grabbe.

GRABBE, L. L. History of the Jews and Judaism in the Second Temple Period: Vol. 2, The Coming of the Greeks, the Early Hellenistic Period 335-175 BCE. London: T & T Clark, 2008, 432 p. – ISBN 9780567033963.

This is the second volume of the projected four-volume history of the Second Temple period. It is axiomatic that there are large gaps in the history of the Persian period, but the early Greek period is possibly even less known. This volume brings together all we know about the Jews during the period from Alexander’s conquest to the eve of the Maccabaean revolt, including the Jews in Egypt as well as the situation in Judah. Based directly on the primary sources, which are surveyed, the study addresses questions such as administration, society, religion, economy, jurisprudence, Hellenism and Jewish identity. These are discussed in the context of the wider Hellenistic world and its history. A strength of the study is its extensive up-to-date secondary bibliography (approximately one thousand items).