The Politics of the Bibliobloggers

Este é o tema do capítulo 2 da Parte I do livro de CROSSLEY, J. G. Jesus in an Age of Terror: New Testament Projects for a New American Century. London: Equinox Publishing, 2009, 256 p. – ISBN 9781845534295 (Hardback) 9781845534301 (Paperback), do qual falei no outro post.

Part One will look at the ways in which New Testament and Christian origins scholarship has historically been influenced by its political and social settings over the past hundred years or so. Moving on to the present, the following chapter will then apply [Edward] Herman and [Noam] Chomsky’s propaganda model of manufacturing consent in the mass media to the recent explosion of biblical scholars writing on the internet, in particularly ‘biblio-bloggers’. It is clear that political views in ‘biblio-blogging’ conform strikingly to the emphases that come through in Herman and Chomsky’s analysis of the mass media and intellectuals, particularly with the standard lines on the ‘war on terror’ and views on the contemporary Middle East [sublinhado meu].

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