PDQ: The Past Discussed Quarterly

Você está acompanhando esta iniciativa? Da criação de uma nova revista trimestral online, the Past Discussed Quarterly, com os melhores posts dos blogs sobre a Antiguidade?

About PDQ

PDQ is a journal designed to provide a bridge between blogging and academia. It will provide stable citeable references for selected weblog posts focussed upon or of interest to the pre-Renaissance past. It is compiled from articles submitted by bloggers on a quarterly basis. The journal is available in three formats. There is a PDF downloadable copy for free. There is a paper copy which can be ordered via Lulu, which is set to the cost of printing and delivery only. Finally we intend that the journal will also be placed in a repository for long-term curation. Until the details are finalised it will be available in XHTML format from a server based at NYU’s Institute for the Study of the Ancient World. PDQ is released under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND licence, making it freely copyable. We are looking for submissions on any medieval / ancient / prehistoric topics from bloggers which fall into the categories below. Additionally each edition has a theme which we welcome submissions from historians and archaeologists of any period to contribute to. See the Calls for Papers for forthcoming topics. Submission deadlines are the ends of February, May, August, November.

Why PDQ?

If weblogs are producing material that’s getting cited in peer-reviewed literature then why is PDQ necessary? Weblogs are transitory and may disappear at short notice. The same can be said of print publications, it can be difficult to secure a copy of a publication if its gone out of print – especially if the print run was only a couple of hundred copies. Weblogs can also be edited which means that two people citing the same URL might not be citing the same text. PDQ aims to provide a canonical version of the article in a citation-friendly format. It also aims to preserve included entries for a long period of time.

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