Resenhas na RBL – 26.12.2007

As seguintes resenhas foram recentemente publicadas pela Review of Biblical Literature:

Paul N. Anderson
The Fourth Gospel and the Quest for Jesus: Modern Foundations Reconsidered
Reviewed by Edward W. Klink III

Richard Bauckham
Jesus and the Eyewitnesses: The Gospels as Eyewitness Testimony
Reviewed by Christopher Tuckett

Lukas Bormann
Bibelkunde: Altes und Neues Testament
Reviewed by Markus Oehler

Philip F. Esler and Ronald A. Piper
Lazarus, Mary and Martha: A Social-Scientific and Theological Reading of John
Reviewed by Jan G. van der Watt

Barbara Fuß
Neutestamentliches Griechisch: Ein Lernbuch zu Wortschatz und Formenlehre
Reviewed by G. J. (Gerhard) Swart

David E. Garland and Diana R. Garland
Flawed Families of the Bible: How God’s Grace Works through Imperfect Relationships
Reviewed by Jason B. Hood

David Goodblatt
Elements of Ancient Jewish Nationalism
Reviewed by W. Dennis Tucker Jr.

Stephen M. Hildebrand
The Trinitarian Theology of Basil of Caesarea: A Synthesis of Greek Thought and Biblical Truth
Reviewed by Mark Weedman

Andrew Lincoln
Hebrews: A Guide
Reviewed by Martin Karrer

John L. Meech
Paul in Israel’s Story: Self and Community at the Cross
Reviewed by Mark Reasoner

David Noy, Alexander Panayotov, and Hanswulf Bloedhorn, eds.
Inscriptiones Judaicae Orientis: Vol. 1: Eastern Europe
Walter Ameling, ed.
Inscriptiones Judaicae Orientis: Vol. 2: Kleinasien
David Noy and Hanswulf Bloedhorn, eds.
Inscriptiones Judaicae Orientis: Vol. 3: Syria and Cyprus
Reviewed by René Bloch

Eileen M. Schuller
The Dead Sea Scrolls: What Have We Learned?
Reviewed by Ian Werrett

Jens-W. Taeger; Dietrich-Alex Koch and David Bienert, eds
Johanneische Perspektiven: Aufsätze zur Johannesapokalypse und zum johanneischen Kreis 1984-2003
Reviewed by Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza

David Toshio Tsumura
The First Book of Samuel
Reviewed by Ralph W. Klein

Jean-Luc Vesco
Le psautier de David: Traduit et commenté
Reviewed by Paul Sanders

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