Resenhas na RBL – 13.03.2015

As seguintes resenhas foram recentemente publicadas pela Review of Biblical Literature:

Robert B. Chisholm Jr.
A Commentary on Judges and Ruth
Reviewed by Mark E. Biddle

John W. Daniels Jr.
Gossiping Jesus: The Oral Processing of Jesus in John’s Gospel
Reviewed by Peter J. Judge

John Goldingay
Isaiah 56-66: Introduction, Text, and Commentary
Reviewed by Johanna Erzberger

Steven A. Hunt, D. Francois Tolmie, and Ruben Zimmermann, eds.
Character Studies in the Fourth Gospel: Narrative Approaches to Seventy Figures in John
Reviewed by Craig R. Koester

Demetrios S. Katos
Palladius of Helenopolis: The Origenist Advocate
Reviewed by Jon F. Dechow

Phillip J. Long
Jesus the Bridegroom: The Origin of the Eschatological Feast as a Wedding Banquet in the Synoptic Gospels
Reviewed by Marianne Blickenstaff

Roberto Martínez
The Question of John the Baptist and Jesus’ Indictment of the Religious Leaders: A Critical Analysis of Luke 7:18–35
Reviewed by Brian C. Dennert
Reviewed by Bart J. Koet

Benjamin J. Segal
A New Psalm: The Psalms as Literature
Reviewed by Hallvard Hagelia

N. T. Wright
Pauline Perspectives: Essays on Paul, 1978–2013
Reviewed by Russell Morton

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