Resenhas na RBL: 18.04.2012

As seguintes resenhas foram recentemente publicadas pela Review of Biblical Literature:

Michael Bird and Michael Pahl, eds.
The Sacred Text: Excavating the Texts, Exploring the Interpretations, and Engaging the Theologies of the Christian Scriptures
Reviewed by Sean A. Adams

David Crystal
Begat: The King James Bible and the English Language
Reviewed by Craig W. Tyson

Benjamin H. Dunning
Specters of Paul: Sexual Difference in Early Christian Thought
Reviewed by Peter-Ben Smit

Philip A. Harland, ed.
Travel and Religion in Antiquity
Reviewed by Lee Jefferson

Douglas A. Knight
Law, Power, and Justice in Ancient Israel
Reviewed by Markus Witte

Gary D. Martin
Multiple Originals: New Approaches to Hebrew Bible Textual Criticism
Reviewed by Johann Cook

Robert D. Miller II
Oral Tradition in Ancient Israel
Reviewed by Raymond F. Person Jr.

Jonathan A. Moo
Creation, Nature and Hope in 4 Ezra
Reviewed by Karina Martin Hogan

Bas van Os
Psychological Analyses and the Historical Jesus: New Ways to Explore Christian Origins
Reviewed by Wayne G. Rollins

Miles V. Van Pelt
English Grammar to Ace Biblical Hebrew
Reviewed by Hubert Keener

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