Guia para remoção de malware

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O termo malware é proveniente do inglês malicious software. É um software destinado a se infiltrar em um sistema de computador alheio de forma ilícita, com o intuito de causar algum dano ou roubo de informações, confidenciais ou não.

Spyware Removal Guide

Updated 30. December 2015 – Atualizado em 30 de dezembro de 2015

This malware removal guide provides guidance on how to remove malware from your computer. Malware is a general name of any malicious software, including virus, trojan, worm, spyware, adware, keylogger, dialer and rootkit, that tries to damage a system, steal financial data, or perform other such malicious behaviour. Common symptoms of malware include popup ads on your desktop, programs you did not install appearing, redirection to particular pages when you open your browser, changes in system or browser settings such as your browser home page or general sluggishness. However, there is an increasing amount of malware which attempt to remain hidden on your computer. So even if you do not think you are infected this guide is useful to check that your computer is clean from virus and spyware.

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