John Strugnell por Hanan e Esther Eshel

Em um belo texto publicado na página do Orion Center, na seção “In Memoriam”, John Strugnell é homenageado por Hanan e Esther Eshel, da Universidade Bar Ilan, Israel.

Sobre John Strugnell, pesquisador dos Manuscritos do Mar Morto, falecido em 30 de novembro passado, leia mais aqui.

Sobre os autores:
Hanan Eshel is an archaeologist, teaching at Bar Ilan University. His field of interest is refuge caves from the Bar Kokhba revolt, and the Qumran scrolls. He has excavated a dozen caves that Jews fled to in 135 CE and in them found 21 documents written on papyri.

Esther Eshel is a lecturer at the Bible Department, Bar Ilan University, where she researches the late books of the Bible and Jewish literature of the Second Temple period and epigraphy (the study of inscriptions). She has published 13 scrolls found in cave 4 at Qumran.

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