Obra homenageia Amihai Mazar por ocasião de seus 60 anos

MAEIR, A. M.; DE MIROSCHEDJI, P. (ed.) “I Will Speak the Riddles of Ancient Times”. Archaeological and Historical Studies in Honor of Amihai Mazar on the Occasion of His Sixtieth Birthday. 2 vol. Winona Lake, IN: Eisenbrauns, 2006. xxxii + 894 p.

Na página da Eisenbrauns pode-se ler sobre esta obra em dois volumes:

“Ami Mazar has gained a reputation as one of the most prolific and reliable archaeologists doing work in Israel during the last 40 years. Not only has he participated in and directed excavations at many sites, his professional standards are of the first order, and what’s more, his publication record is enviable: he has never begun a new major project before the final publication of the previous excavation was well underway. Here, more than 55 colleagues gather to honor him with a wide range of essays, organized in 7 sections:

I. Early Bronze Age Studies
II. Middle and Late Bronze Age Studies
III. Philistine/Sea Peoples Studies
IV. Iron Age Studies
V. Historical, Biblical, and Epigraphic Studies
VI. Jerusalem Studies
VII. Post–Iron Age Studies


An international group of contributors includes:

E. Braun, I. Finkelstein, D. Ussishkin, P. M. Fischer, R. Gophna, D. Gazit, R. Greenberg, P. de Miroschedji, B. Sass, M. Sebbane, E. Yannai, M. Artzy, M. Bietak, A. Caubet, M. Yon, T. Dothan, M. Jasmin, E. H. E. Lass, J.-C. Margueron, P. Matthiae, R. S. Merrillees, R. A. Mullins, A. F. Rainey, E. D. Oren, A. Gilboa, A. Cohen-Weinberger, Y. Goren, A. Maeir, I. Shai, S. Sherratt, L. E. Stager, E. Stern, O. Borowski, J. M. Cahill, W. G. Dever, A. Faust, S. Gitin, L. G. Herr, V. Karageorghis, A. E. Killebrew, R. Kletter, Z. Lederman, S. Bunimovitz, S. M. Ortiz, N. Panitz-Cohen, R. E. Tappy, D. Edelman, A. Fink, V. Fritz, A. Lemaire, W. M. Schniedewind, I. Singer, A. G. Vaughn, C. Dobler, E. Mazar, S. M. Paul, R. Reich, E. Shukron, J. R. Zorn, H. Eshel, B. Zissu, L. Horowitz, A. Kloner, E. M. Meyers, and S. A. Rosen”.

Em português temos deste arqueólogo: MAZAR, A. Arqueologia na terra da Bíblia – 10.000 – 586 a.C. São Paulo: Paulinas, 2003, 554 p.

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