Boletim da ASOR anuncia a publicação da Inscrição de Tel Zayit

A inscrição de Tel Zayit será publicada em breve, diz Duane Smith em seu blog Abnormal Interests em 9 de outubro de 2006.

The Tell Zayit Inscription to Be Published Soon

Professor Ron Tappy informs me that the editio princeps of the Tell Zayit Inscription will appear in the next month’s edition of the Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research (BASOR). I thank Professor Tappy for giving me permission to post this exciting news.

Because of the potential importance of this inscription in any discussion of scribal schools in Canaan in the Iron Age, I have decided to postpone my next megapost on “How to Recognize a Scribal School” until after its publication. Until I received the email from Professor Tappy, I had planned to post it this week. In the meantime, I will post my reflections on a few other texts that are of importance in this discussion. By posting these reflections before the next megapost I hope that it will be a little less mega.

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