Resenhas na RBL: 19.03.2010

As seguintes resenhas foram recentemente publicadas pela Review of Biblical Literature:

Elizabeth Boase
The Fulfilment of Doom? The Dialogic Interaction between the Book of Lamentations and the Pre-exilic/Early Exilic Prophetic Literature
Reviewed by Charles Miller

Jo Carruthers
Esther through the Centuries
Reviewed by Linda Day
Reviewed by Timothy Laniak

Mark K. George
Israel’s Tabernacle as Social Space
Reviewed by Gert Prinsloo

Joel B. Green
Body, Soul, and Human Life: The Nature of Humanity in the Bible
Reviewed by Robin Gallaher Branch

Peter J. Leithart
Deep Exegesis: The Mystery of Reading Scripture
Reviewed by Matthew Gordley

Bruce J. Malina
Timothy: Paul’s Closest Associate
Reviewed by Mark Batluck

Scot McKnight and Joseph B. Modica, eds.
Who Do My Opponents Say That I Am? An Investigation of the Accusations against Jesus
Reviewed by M. Robert Mulholland

John Oswalt
The Bible among the Myths: Unique Revelation or Just Ancient Literature?
Reviewed by Claude Mariottini

Tessa Rajak
Translation and Survival: The Greek Bible and the Ancient Jewish Diaspora
Reviewed by Christopher Beetham

Lesleigh Cushing Stahlberg
Sustaining Fictions: Intertextuality, Midrash, Translation, and the Literary Afterlife of the Bible
Reviewed by Lena-Sofia Tiemeyer

Tom Thatcher
Greater than Caesar: Christology and Empire in the Fourth Gospel
Reviewed by Adam Winn

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Resenhas na RBL: 11.03.2010

As seguintes resenhas foram recentemente publicadas pela Review of Biblical Literature:

Peter Brown
The Body and Society: Men, Women, and Sexual Renunciation in Early Christianity; Twentieth Anniversary Edition with a New Introduction
Reviewed by Richard Valantasis

Kate Cooper and Julia Hillner, eds.
Religion, Dynasty, and Patronage in Early Christian Rome, 300-900
Reviewed by Ilaria Ramelli

April D. DeConick
The Original Gospel of Thomas in Translation: With a Commentary and New English Translation of the Complete Gospel
Reviewed by Stephen Patterson

David A. deSilva
Seeing Things John’s Way: The Rhetoric of the Book of Revelation
Reviewed by Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza

Terence L. Donaldson
Judaism and the Gentiles: Jewish Patterns of Universalism (to 135 CE)
Reviewed by Joshua Schwartz

Yonatan Kolatch
Masters of the Word: Traditional Jewish Bible Commentary from the Eleventh through the Thirteenth Centuries (vol. 2)
Reviewed by Günter Stemberger

Michael Philip Penn
Kissing Christians: Ritual and Community in the Late Ancient Church
Reviewed by Candida Moss

Stanley E. Porter, ed.
Paul: Jew, Greek, and Roman
Reviewed by Christoph Stenschke

Micah Ross, ed.
From the Banks of the Euphrates: Studies in Honor of Alice Louise Slotsky
Reviewed by Ralph K. Hawkins

Turid Karlsen Seim and Jorunn Økland, eds.
Metamorphoses: Resurrection, Body and Transformative Practices in Early Christianity
Reviewed by V. Henry Nguyen

Rivka Ulmer, ed.
Pesiqta Rabbati: A Synoptic Edition of Pesiqta Rabbati Based upon All Extant Manuscripts and the Editio Princeps
Reviewed by Peter Tomson

Jan de Waard, eds.
Biblia Hebraica Quinta: Proverbs
Reviewed by Francis Dalrymple-Hamilton

Magnus Zetterholm
Approaches to Paul: A Student’s Guide to Recent Scholarship
Reviewed by Nijay Gupta

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