Os biblistas e a Palestina ocupada

Todos conhecemos a gravidade da luta pela terra na Palestina.

Depois leia Biblical Scholarship and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, texto escrito por Julia M. O’Brien, do Lancaster Theological Seminary, Lancaster, PA, USA, na revista The Bible and Interpretation.

Ela se espantou com a intensidade da presença israelense nos territórios palestinos. E pergunta: What role do–and should–biblical scholars play in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

Ela diz, no começo do texto:
That’s one of the questions I face after returning from 17 days traveling in the West Bank and Israel. I was co-leading a group of 21 theological students from my institution on a required international cross-cultural experience of Christianity in a minority or otherwise tenuous situation. I had not visited the area since 1999 and was shocked by the deterioration of the situation. This was my first experience of the “separation wall” and “warrior fences,” and while I had visited Israeli settlements in the West Bank before I had never seen so many or witnessed so much active construction.

E quase no final:
And yet, this trip has further convinced me that it is also my mission as a theological educator to challenge an uncritical identification of biblical Israel with the policies of the modern Israeli state. The current situation is the product of empires and post-colonial responses to empire, not simply a divinely-decreed continuation of the conflict between Ishmael and Isaac. Just as my teaching underscores the difference between ancient and modern constructions of gender, sexuality, and economic justice, it also needs to establish a critical distance between past and present in terms of just distribution of land.

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