A arqueologia da Palestina que conta

True treasures of the Holy Land

Although sometimes overshadowed by the grand claims of amateurs, important discoveries are now being made by biblical archeologists on an almost weekly basis. In just the past month, researchers have announced five major finds in Israel, three in Jerusalem alone.

:: Beehives from the 10th or ninth century BC at Tel Rehov, in Israel’s Bet She’an Valley

:: A possible Egyptian fortress from before the time of the Exodus, buried beneath a seventh century BC Philistine village near the Gaza Strip

:: A quarry in Jerusalem that may have supplied massive stone blocks for the Second Temple, built in the first century BC

:: A wall, possibly from the Second Temple itself, found during repair work on top of Jerusalem’s Temple Mount

:: A huge city drain in Jerusalem dating from the time of the First Jewish Revolt in the first century AD.

A maior parte dos links são do blog de Todd Bolen, BiblePlaces Blog, onde, em geral, há belas fotos. The Boston Globe – September 30, 2007

Via Explorator 10.23 – September 30, 2007

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