A apocalíptica na época dos Macabeus

Como era a apocalíptica na época dos Macabeus? Os Macabeus tinham uma visão apocalíptica de mundo? Quais grupos desta época tinham uma visão apocalíptica?

Isto é o que procura responder este livro que será lançado no final de fevereiro de 2016, resultado de um seminário realizado por um grupo de estudiosos da área, como Lester L. Grabbe (Reino Unido), Gabriele Boccaccini (USA), Kenneth Atkinson (USA), Albert I. Baumgarten (Israel), Sandra Gambetti (USA), Gerbern S. Oegema (Canadá), Lorenzo DiTommaso (Canadá), John Kampen (USA), Anathea E. Portier-Young (USA), Edward Dabrowa (Polônia), Torleif Elgvin (Noruega) e Erich Gruen (USA).

GRABBE, L. L. ; BOCCACCINI, G. ; ZURAWSKI, J. M. (eds.)  The Seleucid and Hasmonean Periods and the Apocalyptic Worldview. London: Bloomsbury T & T Clark, 2016, 272 p. – ISBN 9780567666147.

The Seleucid and Hasmonean Periods and the Apocalyptic Worldview

Diz a editora:

This tightly focused collection of essays, from an invited seminar of international specialists, centres on the question of the apocalyptic worldview around the time of the Maccabean revolt. What was the nature of apocalyptic at this time? Did the Maccabees themselves have a distinct apocalyptic worldview? These questions lead to other, more specific queries: who of the various groups held such a view? Certain of the essays analyse the characteristics of the apocalypses and related literature in this period, and whether the apocalyptic worldview itself gave rise to historical events or, at least, influenced them.The collection begins with two introductory essays. Both the main and short papers have individual responses, and two considered responses by well-known experts address the entire collection. The volume finishes with a concluding chapter by the lead editor that gives a perspective on the main themes and conclusions arising from the papers and discussion.

Sobre os editores:

Lester L. Grabbe is Professor Emeritus of Hebrew Bible and Early Judaism at the University of Hull, UK. He is founder and convenor of the European Seminar in Historical Methodology.

Gabriele Boccaccini is Professor of Second Temple Judaism and Early Rabbinic Literature at the University of Michigan, USA. He is the Founding Director of the Enoch Seminar.

Jason M. Zurawski is a Ph.D. candidate in Second Temple Judaism at the University of Michigan, USA. His research focuses on Jewish Hellenistic literature and Jewish paideia during the Second Temple period. He is also the Secretary of the Enoch Seminar.