Livro de Finkelstein sobre o reino de Israel em inglês

O livro de Israel Finkelstein, publicado em francês, acaba de sair também em inglês e está disponível para download gratuito no Projeto ICI da SBL, na coleção Ancient Near East Monographs.

FINKELSTEIN, I. Le Royaume biblique oublié. Paris: Odile Jacob, 2013, 288 p. – ISBN 9782738129475.

FINKELSTEIN, I. The Forgotten Kingdom: The Archaeology and History of Northern Israel. Atlanta: Society of Biblical Literature, 2013, 210 p. – ISBN 9781589839106. 

Ele diz em agradecimentos / Acknowledgments:

The seeds of this book were sown in a series of lectures I gave at the Collège de France in February 2012. The series, delivered at the invitation of my colleague and friend, Prof. Thomas Römer, was entitled “The Emergence of the Northern Kingdom of Israel.” I wish to thank Thomas for his kind invitation, for his hospitality while I was in Paris, and for initiating the publication of this book. The book was first published in French under the title Le Royaume biblique oublié (Paris, 2013) by Odile Jacob for the Collège de France. This book is also based on many articles that I have written over the course of several years, some of them in collaboration with colleagues. I am indebted to four of them who have granted me permission to summarize parts of our articles in this book: Alexander Fantalkin (article on Khirbet Qeiyafa published in Tel Aviv 2012), Oded Lipschits (article on Jahaz and Ataroth published in ZDPV 2010), Nadav Na’aman (article on Shechem of the Late Bronze Age and the northern kingdom published in IEJ 2005), and Benjamin Sass (article on the spread of scribal activity in the Levant in the Iron I-IIA, to be published in Hebrew Bible and Ancient Israel). The preparation of this book was supported by the Chaim Katzman Archaeology Fund at Tel Aviv University. I am grateful to Myrna Pollak for her highly professional editing of the manuscript and to Alexander Pechuro and my student Maayan Mor for the preparation of the figures.

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