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You will find that these free programs and web services are of the most help at internet cafes, libraries, schools, workplaces, and public or prepaid Wi-Fi hotspots, and any other common place where there is surely a greater need for discretion. On the other hand, depending on your reasons, they are also perfect products for use in your own home in order to prevent curious prying eyes and even your ISP from taking advantage of the opportunity to monitor you.

Thomas Thompson: não é este o filho do carpinteiro?

Thomas L. Thompson publicou, na revista online The Bible and Interpretation, artigo em resposta a Bart D. Ehrman, Did Jesus Exist? The Historical Argument for Jesus of Nazareth. New York: Harper and Collins, 2012.

Leia: Is This Not the Carpenter’s Son? A Response to Bart Ehrman

Um trecho do artigo:
Ehrman pompously ignores my considerable analytical discussion, which was rooted in a wide-ranging, comparative literary classification and analysis of the Old Testament and ancient Near Eastern inscriptions. Apparently to him, the more than 40 years I have devoted to research in my study of the primary fields of Old Testament exegesis, ancient Near Eastern literature and ancient history—not least in regards to questions of historicity—leaves me unqualified and lacking the essential competence to address such questions because they also come to include a comparison of such an analysis with these same stereotypical literary tropes as they occur in the Gospels.

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