O Mar Morto está morrendo, mas ainda pode ser salvo

Veja o show de slides na Scientific American: o Mar Morto está perdendo cerca de 1 metro de profundidade por ano, com a diminuição contínua de sua água.

The Dead Sea Is Disappearing, but Could Be Saved [Slide Show]

By Mark Fischetti – April 4, 2011

The surface of the Dead Sea, already 424 meters below sea level, is falling by a meter a year. Jordanians to the east, Israelis to the west, and Syrians and Lebanese to the north are pumping so much freshwater from the Jordan River that almost none reaches the sea any more. Israel and Jordan are also siphoning water from the lake to extract valuable minerals, hastening the decline. Photojournalist Eitan Haddok has traveled from Paris to the Middle East many times to document the sea’s retreat, as scientists try to understand the repercussions. Here are some additional Haddok images and insights to consider.

View the slide show – All photographs by Eitan Haddok