Resenha do livro de Lemche por C. D. Isbell

Em The Bible and Interpretation, Charles David Isbell, Professor da Louisiana State University, publicou uma resenha do mais recente livro de Niels Peter Lemche The Old Testament Between Theology and History: A Critical Survey. Louisville, KY: Westminster John Knox, 2008, 504 p. – ISBN 9780664232450.

Um trecho, como “aperitivo”:
It is fascinating that Lemche concludes this section with a chapter titled, “The Contribution of the Copenhagen School,” particularly in light of the frequent protests previously lodged against the use of a single phrase to define scholars like Lemche, his colleague Thomas Thompson, Philip Davies, Mario Liverani, Keith Whitelam, and others, all of whom share a disdain for the idea that the history of ancient Israel as found in biblical texts is “a normal textbook of the history of ancient Israel” (p. 382). In Lemche’s opinion, “It is not possible to reconstruct a real history that has much in common with the story told by biblical historiographers” (p. 161). His own presentation of what such a real history would look like is offered in a concluding appendix titled, “The History of Israel or the History of Palestine” (pp. 393-453)? While Lemche’s deconstruction of Old Testament “history” offers little that is not already well known to followers of the “Copenhagen School,” these opening chapters provide a useful summary for students and those unfamiliar with minimalist arguments. Now the idea that the Bible does not offer “normal/real/actual history” is not limited to scholars of the “Copenhagen School.” What is unique about Lemche is the construct that he proposes as an alternative…

Charles David Isbell was educated at Bethany College and Brandeis University (PhD), and has studied in Israel, Jordan and Germany. Dr. Isbell has served congregations in Massachusetts as Cantor and/or interim rabbi. He has written over 100 articles and several other books in Biblical studies, Hebrew, and Aramaic.

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