Which biblioblogs do you read most often?

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Biblioblogs I Read Most Often [Obs.: lista desativada em 2008 pela Amazon.com]

Add only biblioblogs that represent an academic approach to the discipline of biblical studies, and cognate disciplines, including Hebrew Bible/Old Testament, Intertestamental/Second Temple literature, New Testament/Christian Origins, Ancient Near East, Biblical Criticisms and Hermeneutics, among other things.

How do I vote or add my own ranking?
The most effective way to vote is to switch from Community Ranking to Your Ranking – the link is just below the list title – and to order all the entries entirely as you would if it was your own personal list. Your personal ranking will automatically be incorporated in the Community Ranking as well.

How do I add information about an existing item?
Simply click on the item name and you will be taken to the item page. The item page gives you the ability to add links and comments about an item. Please enter the correct URL which will be used to access the biblioblogs you read most often. Similarly, if you have comments about a biblioblog you can go to the item page and enter your comments.

Can I add my own biblioblog to list?
The list is about the biblioblogs you read, not about the biblioblogs you create. UnSpun is a community site and any rankings you submit, new lists you create, and individual rankings that you give to any lists, will be visible to the rest of the community.

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