Jacques Berlinerblau e a SBL na blogosfera

A repercussão do artigo de Jacques Berlinerblau comentado no post anterior pode ser lida em Blogger-Cooler: the role of the SBL no biblioblog Deinde, por Danny Zacharias.

Leio também que Jacques Berlinerblau estará tratando do assunto no Congresso da AARAmerican Academy of Religion – que é realizado junto com o da SBL. O abstract de sua apresentação é o seguinte (cf. AAR A19-105: Sunday – 5:00 pm-6:30 pm):

Secular Criticism, the AAR, and the SBL
I make two assumptions. First, that the two major scholarly organizations devoted to the study of Scripture and Religion, the Society of Biblical Literature and the American Academy of Religion have excluded non-theist perspectives in their scholarly discourses and practices. Second, that this exclusion has had fairly catastrophic effects for the academic study of religion, and by extension these societies themselves. Starting with a definition of “secular criticism,’ I examine how a-religious and irreligious forms of criticism can find no institutional place within scholarly societies that imagine themselves to be, ironically, bastions of secular reason. I then discuss the marginalization of religious studies within the larger university framework of the humanities and the social sciences. This marginalization, it is argued, is partly attributable to the misgivings that the mainstream (and stridently ‘secular’) Academy has about their pious colleagues in the fields that study religion.